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Snider Athletics ahead of the curve on heat-related illness, concussions

Kurt on field 239x300 Snider Athletics ahead of the curve on heat related illness, concussions

Kurt Tippman and all Snider coaches look out for the safety of their student-athletes above every other concern

ONE Snider Athletics ahead of the curve on heat related illness, concussions

Orthopedics Northeast - Snider's Athletic Training and Orthopedics Provider

This past month has been a busy one related to improving the health outcomes related to participating in Snider athletics.  At Jason Baker's Pro Football Mini-Camp, Indiana Physical Therapy highlighted information from the Korey Stringer Institute about heat-related illnesses and the important steps to take in case of an incident regarding heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Also, SportONE's doctors visited Snider High School for the annual physical night where ONE doctors provide low-cost IHSAA mandated physicals to all Snider area student-athletes. Also in today's News-Sentinel, Snider head coach Kurt Tippmann and other Fort Wayne area head coaches were consulted on an article by Reggie Hayes highlighting the potential health hazards of head in

juries in youth football.

In both heat-related illness and concussions, Snider Athletics and Snider Football have been proactive in ensuring the safety of Snider student-athletes. Snider has employed SportONE athletic trainers full-time since 2000. Snider's long running Summer Physical Education course has always taught Snider student-athletes the importance of staying hydrated and communicating your symptoms to your coaches and the athletic training staff. Summer PE has also been an effective way to acclimate student-athletes to the summer heat before pre-season practices. Under the advice of SportONE doctors and trainers, an indentical procedure to the concussion protocol now being advised by the IHSAA has been used at Snider since they joined the Snider team. When the new protocol came out, our Athletic Department did not need to make any changes because the changes being issued by the IHSAA were already in place at Snider.

After the jump, video with Snider Head Coach Kurt Tippmann, Reggie Hayes of the News-Sentinel and Homestead Head Coach Chad Zolman talking about head injuries in football Continue reading

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Welcome to the internet home of the Snider High School Football Program. With an all time record of 420-120-3 (.773), Snider Football is one of the most storied football programs in all of Indiana. Snider Football is proud to represent the best ideals of the IHSAA, Fort Wayne Community Schools, the City of Fort Wayne, and the Summit Athletic Conference.

The Snider Football Program’s mission is to equip students with the skills needed to work with others and develop attitudes and behaviors needed to be successful in the work place and community.

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